Using a Tim Holtz Rosette die with standard ‘bug plates.

Bit of a long title, but I wanted to show you how I used the Tim Rosette die, in my Cuttlebug, just using the standard plates, rather than the extended ones. As you can see, the die is quite a bit longer than the plates, but when I saw the cost of the extended plates, I figured there had to be a way to use the originals. And it does work, without any real trouble. You can see the die next to my well-worn B plate. The die gives you the rosette and one centre. You need two centres, one for each side, but as one side is not going to be seen, I just used a small circle punch for it, rather than having to cut again.

I recently bought two small punches, a 5/8″ and a 1″, both scalloped circles, as I already have a 1″ plain circle. I thought these would also be useful for smaller centres, if I cut the strip down to make smaller rosettes.

I used exactly the same sandwich as usual,A, B, Die, Paper, B. one thing I did do, was cut my strips of paper to the length & width of the die- made it easier to add a little low tack tape to one end, and helped me see what I was doing.

I also used up some 8×8 and 6×6 paper pads here- I just taped two pieces side by side, then cut my strips. This also gives you a small cut-off piece you can punch your centres from. I have a few of these pads, and never seem to use them because I usually make cards from an A4 sheet folded, and they are way too small for that. I just used some low-tack tape to hold them together.


Here is the die going through for the first half- just wind all the way through as normal.

Then I lifted the whole stack from the ‘bug, and brought it back to the front of the machine. This bit is the only time it can get tricky, as I found that some paper has a bit of a ‘static cling’ to the plates! So, before you lift off the top B plate, HOLD THE PAPER ONTO THE DIE! Now just slide the die forward so you have the uncut portion on top of your plates, with a bit of an overlap. Gently put your B plate back on top, and run through the machine again to cut the remainder of the strip.

I only had a couple of strips where there was a bit of a jagged cut along the straight edge, and as this bit is in the middle of the rosette, you won’t see it anyway.

Also you can trim down the straight edge, to give you different sized rosettes.

Now came the really tricky bit- assembling the rosette! I used a small piece of double sided tape on one end, then stuck the ends together. All going well so far. Now I had to get the rosette into shape- not too bad, but it kept sproinging back open on me, lol. At this point, to get the top & bottom circle stuck onto the rosette, I tried DST- didn’t hold. You can see one in the top picture with a small acrylic block on it trying to hold it together long enough.
Wet glues didn’t work either, and neither did glue dots.     
 So out came the silicone glue. The problem was keeping it in shape long enough for it to set.

I found eventually, that if you put a decent sized blob on the bottom circle……………….

……..put the rosette onto that, then add a little more to the top……..

……..add the top circle………

..slide across desk to the edge…….

……..and get a clamp onto it quick! These are brilliant little things, they have flat pads on the jaws so they don’t damage your work, and the centre of the rosette is strong enough to take it without squashing.. Best of all, I bought a bag of about a dozen from Poundland!

Here is the rosette, about 20 minutes later, stuck perfectly. I also used silicone glue to attach them to my cards.


A quick thanks here to all of you who suggested a hot glue gun- yes, I do have (at least)  one of those lurking around this room somewhere- I shall find it out & give it a new lease of life!


WOYWW #133

              Merry Christmas Everyone!

 Sorry to have been missing for a few weeks- between car breaking down, and extra work, trying to make cards- I’ve been chasing my own tail all the time. I hope everyone is ready (or almost) for Christmas, and want to wish everyone a very Happy, Peaceful and enjoyable Christmas, wherever you are. So, back to the Wednesday Wander around the Workdesks of the World, courtesy of Santas Little Helper, Julia Dunnit at The Stamping Ground.

These are some of the cards I have been working on, using a Dreamweavers Bauble stencil, embossing paste, and adding some glitter to the paste before it dries. I also tried out the Tim Holtz Rosette die I bought at the NEC last month. I  found that by trimming the paper down slightly, I could make different sizes of rosette- then I had to get a couple of small scalloped punches to make the centres, as the original was out of proportion. I did try cutting them down with deckle-edged scissors, but didn’t really like the finished look. Punches are quicker too, 🙂

I also did them using my original Cuttlebug plates, rather than the extended ones, after I looked at the price of them. OMG! HOW MUCH???! I really cannot justify buying them, no matter how often I used them.  I will post the pictures of how I did them on my Cuttlebug page over Christmas, but as you can see, it does work, and is not really difficult. I actually found it much trickier getting the rosettes into shape. That is so fiddly!!!
 These were some made-to-order cards utilising few images I have stamped up previously. I hope you all have a great day, I shall be visiting over the next couple of days- yes, I STILL have some cards to make- and I haven’t bought a turkey yet- the tree & decorations only went up on Monday-I am so going to change my ways next year!

New Sizzix ‘Framelits’ Cutting Dies & Cuttlebug

I have seen a few questions asked regarding these new Sizzix wafer thin dies and their compatibility with the Cuttlebug. Well, the answer is YES, they ARE compatible.

 Here the Sizzix die has been put through the ‘Bug using the standard A,C,die, card, B sandwich.

There are two differences between these dies and Nesties. The first is the position of the cutting edge.

  In the Nesties, it is in the width of the die, and I have noticed that the position varies from one die shape to another.

 As you can see from these two, in the Labels Die(right), it is pretty much in the centre of the die, but in the Scalloped Ovals, it is almost at the edge.

The big selling point with the Sizzix is that the cutting edge is RIGHT ON the edge, so in their words-‘what you see is what you cut’. So if you want to frame an image you’ve stamped, or a photo, there is no guesswork as to what you will end up with- I can see their point, but personally I would just cut the shape out of cheap copy paper first, then use that to line up.
The other big difference is that you CANNOT emboss with these dies, only cut. I didn’t actually realise that when I bought them, and it may have influenced me against them, to be honest, if I had. I got these as I had a promo e-mail from  Craft Superstore, who had them on offer in 2-pack combos, and I liked the number of dies in this particular set,8 in each, and circles are really useful.
However, I thought the lack of embossing a drawback, and wondered if there was a way around this. And the answer is, yes there is!
I have seen videos on Youtube about creating a ‘blank’ area inside an embossing folder, and tried something similar.

Firstly I cut a large scalloped circle, then chose a plain circle that would just fit inside this shape.

   Next, I layered them one above the other, and held them together with a little re-positionable adhesive.

Here are the two die cuts, so you can see what I mean. Before attempting to emboss, I flipped them over,so the plain circle was underneath.

Now I layered up on the A plate with the Tan embossing mat, two card shims, and the 2 B plates. Although this did emboss, it wasn’t as crisp as I would have liked, so I repeated it with three card shims.

 The final sandwich:
A plate
Die cuts
Tan mat
3 card shims
2 B plates

 Remember: Every ‘Bug is different- be careful when adding shims, and start with less- you can add card/paper shims much easier than you can replace a broken ‘Bug! This works in mine- yours may need more, or less. Remember also it will depend on the thickness of your die-cuts. The thicker they are, the less you will need in shims.

Here are the two pieces separated again, and you can see the scalloped shape is now embossed!

I’ve enlarged it here so you can see it more clearly.

It’s no real hardship to do it this way,and it does have the advantage of some creativity- you can choose how wide you want your embossed border, and could choose to have it either plain, or scalloped. So for anyone who has bought them, and want to emboss, now you can.

New Ceative Expressions Embossing Folders

When I visited Pink Tulip Creations last week, as well as watching the Promarker Demo, I bought a couple of Creative Expressions embossing folders,Lattice & Brick.They are a little larger than the Cuttlebug folders, I have pictured them alongside one here to show you.

They do give a nice crisp emboss, but I did find that the Brick pattern was too thick to go through my ‘Bug with the standard ‘A’, ‘B’, folder & ‘B’ sandwich. So I discarded the bottom ‘B’ plate, and tried two pieces of card instead. I used the sort you get on the back of notebooks, like chipboard. I think I could have added another thinner piece of card, and improved the emboss.I know every ‘Bug is a little different, so be careful with this one, it definitely would have needed too much force using the normal sandwich on mine.

Here are the folders, with their respective pieces.

I have also been un-mounting some Foam backed stamps, from sets I bought when I first started stamping, and from early Craft Stamper magazines.I really found that it was difficult to get a decent print from a lot of these, and as I had quite a few sentiments amongst them I was fed up with not being able to use them properly.
I also have a nice Floral alphabet, which is on the left. I am one of those who love Kling-on/U-mount cushion on their stamps, and all my u/m’s are on it. I have even, in the past, put some silicone stamps on it that did not stamp too well, and now they work fine. Its either a love it or hate it product, I think.

One final thing, I notice that the photos of my followers keep vanishing, then reappearing, then vanishing again. Really don’t know why, can’t find much of an answer on Blogger help either. I have posted on their forum, to see if anyone has an answer, so if its happening to you as well, you are not alone! 🙂

WOYWW #106

The only card on my desk this week is one that I have slightly re-worked. This was just a Happy Birthday card, but I have added The larger sentiment cut out with the Silhouette, and also the word Mom. I layered  two flowers together, and they have been coloured with Distress Inks, to match the brayered card (Mustard Seed, Wild Honey & Marmalade). A yellow brad made the centres.

The card I commented on last week for Silvercrafter is posted below, along with an engagement card I also couldn’t post until after the couple received it.
My tidy workspace often gets comments, which makes me laugh, as I am the untidiest person I know! I assure you the tidiness is all down to careful zooming with the camera, and occasional Photoshop cropping. To prove this, here are some unedited pics taken whilst I was making the engagement card:

Happy WOYWW to everyone, off now to Madame Dunnits  for the weekly snoop.

Happy Birthday Marg

This card couldn’t be posted until today, as it was for my co- Mother-in-Laws birthday, known to all of you as Silvercrafter.  The Crafty Individuals 4 Birds stamp was stamped onto an alcohol inked background, made using Lettuce,Meadow & Espresso ink. The larger panel was sponged with a variety of inks, then overstamped with a selection of grasses stamps. Then I ran it through the Cuttlebug in the Birds & Swirls folder. Both pieces were matted onto dark Burgundy card. The backing paper is a Kay & co one I have had for a long time, a 12×12 piece which features the meaning of flowers.The base was covered with a word printed vellum, and a label cut from Nesties has a stamped sentiment. I added three flowers, together with a couple of skeleton leaves.

4 Birds

This one is really quick & simple. I made 4 squares of embossed card, Cuttlebug Script and  Quickutz diamonds and attached these opposite each other onto light blue card. This was matted onto mid blue then dark blue card. I attached this panel to the front of a square cream card. The 4 Birds, Crafty Individuals CI 184, were stamped in Black Staz-on onto an oil pastel background, made in blues. I mounted this on top of the matted card, then tied a dark blue ribbon around the spine.