WOYWW #146

Hi everyone, been MIA for a few weeks- wrapped up in Wedding Stationery, and work. I’ve really missed joining the weekly workdesk wander, at the Incredible Julia Dunnits,so here I am again. Back on afternoon shift now, so have some more time (at last). I can go to bed when I want, get up when I am ready, and still get stuff done. Right now I am making a wedding card for someone at work who’s getting married, I have a mug of coffee by my side, and Disturbed blasting from my PC- all is right with my world! 🙂
This engagement card was made for some friends, really simple, just a ribbon threaded through a Diamanté heart buckle, wrapped around a square of white card, matted onto another square of white, then navy to match the ribbon. Stamped the Congratulations in Distress Stormy Sky and heat embossed it with clear powder and matted onto a navy strip.

 This is the start of a Christening card for a little girl, using a Creative Expressions medallion stamp I’ve used for this before.

Been bargain finding again- I’ve wanted the Raven stamp from Jennie at The Artistic Stamper for a while, and she had a fab sale on Feb 29th, so I took advantage of her generosity, lol. Got some embellishment bits as well, I’ll find those again and post a pic.
 The Halloween stamps are from Chocolate Baroque, I don’t have any Halloween stamps, and these were a great buy. The little wood mounted Alphabets you can see were probably my best buy to date- we went to Kidderminster recently, as Beloved Husband wanted to go to PC World, and they have a store called The Range there, which has quite a big craft section. These stamps were in their reduced bin, 99p a set! I also got the other two for 99p each, a ‘With Sympathy’ stamp, and one that reads Thank You in scrabble tiles. The rosettes are done in a sparkly vellum, for the previously mentioned Wedding card, and to everyone who suggested it last time, a glue gun works great, thanks folks.

Last couple of pics, from my youngest son for Mothers Day, a Simons Cat pillow. On my pc desk, there are two Simons Cats, one each from Son & Hubby for Christmas, a Charlie Brown,as I am also a massive Snoopy fan, and sitting next to CB is Boris the Bat, a pressie from Beloved Husband. The tiny little white clay teddy was made by my Daughter in Law Becky a few years ago.

 So thats my little corner of the world today, hope you are all having a great Wednesday, see as many of you as I can get to over the next few days.


WOYWW #127

OK, I think its time for whoever is stealing all the days between Wednesdays to own up. And the person stealing all the weeks until Christmas for that matter. Where are they all going? Do we have a black hole somewhere they are all dropping into? Or is someone secretly stashing them away to get themselves some extra time? I think its time they ‘fessed up!  But seriously, here we are again at the weekly wander round the worlds workdesks- presided over by non other than the Wonderful Miss Dunnit at The Stamping Ground.
 After my visit to the NEC, and my goody stash (here) all put away,and yes, Julia, that is definitely a years worth, Lol, I got down to a few tags. Some are in the previous post, but these two were inspired by some display cards on the Inkylicious stand. I liked their samples so much, I bought the stamps- that reminds me of an old advert!

I liked these stamps because they reminded me of a cat we used to be owned by- she was forever hiding amongst the garden plants to catch butterflies, gently carrying them indoors then letting them go. She was very fond of doing the same thing with mice too- and worms when it had been raining! Ick! There is little worse than treading on a worm in bare feet in the dark, honestly.Makes me shudder to think of it.
  The cat & butterflies are one stamp set, which has a sitting cat in it as well, the willow branches is a separate one. The flock of birds is yet another set, and it has a lot of single birds and flying birds in it. Really useful little set. This one doesn’t seem to be on their site yet, so I couldn’t link to it. The tree is from a Crafty Individuals Crafty Elements sheet, CI 209. The tag on the right has an assortment of small grasses and flowers,mainly from Chocolate Baroque,Autumn Hedgerow, the hanging leaves are from Lavinia Stamps,Leaf Trail, and one of the little birds sitting on a branch.

For anyone who likes small metal embellishments to add to tags/cards etc,like these:

 go look at the post about the NEC, there is a link there to the company I got them from, Riverside Beads, and they are SO, SO cheap!

 Final thing for this week, an e-bay purchase- lots of watch workings. The one thing I really have been short of is this sort of stuff to add to tags etc. 

 As Marg posted, we went to see our Granddaughter Merlin in a little concert for the Grandparents- they were wonderful. As were the cheese scones that we had back at Margs. I can most definitely vouch for the scrumptiousness of them- they have to be eaten to be believed! If you haven’t made any yet & tasted them, you do not know what you are missing. Trust me on this, you will be totally unable to eat just one. Unless its the last one, and the next batch are still in the oven.

 On the subject of the box I was looking for, I discovered two things: One, My Beloved Hubby reads ALL my blog posts, lol! I assumed he just looked at the pictures and read the comments- WRONG!

  The second thing I discovered was I should have Googled for them- I found somewhere via Amazon- and they do them in all sorts of sizes, from 2 compartments up to 12, I think.  They are called Coins Accessorise, and they have all sorts of  wooden items besides, like jewellery boxes, tags,hanging shapes, wine bottle boxes, coasters,and some fantastic little sets of drawers, and they are really cheap! Perfect for decorating/altering. Here’s a picture of one of the drawer sets-£8.69.
Had to share this place- its the sort of thing we are always looking for, isn’t it? I see lots of Birthday pressies for next year here. So my little box has arrived, and although Beloved Hubby knows about it now,( he thought it was a great idea, phew), he doesn’t know what it will look like when he gets it. I also just realised you have a picture of my penguin cursor on the drawers- his name is Nux. 🙂. Well I hope everyone has a great Wednesday, and I shall be seeing you later on.

Ruby Anniversary

 I used to work with the lady in the picture, until she retired recently, and her sister asked if I could do a card for her Ruby Anniversary.You will have seen the Harlequin Rose Panel image before, from Chocolate Baroque, as well as the triple embossed hearts.I really love those hearts, so easy to do, and very effective as an embellishment.I even did some in black & silver recently for a male birthday card- the colour makes all the difference. The Harlequin Rose is such a useful image too- Weddings, Anniversaries, Engagements,Valentines Day  all spring to mind, as well as birthdays. The die cut labels are  Nesties Labels 4, and I stuck to the dark red & black colours to fit the occasion.I also added a few stick on acrylic gems in red.

Tri-fold in Orange

 An A4 sheet of card was tri-folded, then a triangle cut away from the top of the first two sections, leaving the back section whole. Each of the layers were covered in paper, the front with K & Co from the Hydrangea Stripe pad, the middle from Papermania Antique cream pad and the back from Papermania Earth Tones pad.

 The two tags were cut from brayered card, using Sunshine Yellow and Sunset Orange, with Post-it note masks. Lavinia Stamps ‘Ducks’ were stamped over the masked sun. The larger tag uses a stamp from the Chocolate Baroque Autumn Hedgerow u/m plate, and the smaller one is stamped with Fennel Heads, from The Craft Fairy. All were stamped in Black Versafine. Each tag has an eyelet placed at the top, and threaded with some fancy wool. The tags are mounted with sticky tabs to raise them slightly.


I decided it was time to start using some of the backgrounds I had brayered & stamped a while ago.This background uses just Shell Pink and Stonewashed brayered in from opposite sides of the white card. There is a Post-it note moon on one part of the panel behind  Lavinia Stamps ‘Birds’, the Teasel heads are from Autumn Hedgerow u/m DL plate, from Chocolate Baroque (formerly Elusive Images), and the little dragonfly is from Crafty Individuals Crafty Elements plate CI 207. All were stamped in Archival black.  I trimmed the image down, and on the spare piece I stamped the words, also in black. This stamp is one bought off e-bay, so I have no idea of the maker, sorry. I felt this panel still needed a little something, so I stamped a swirl in Shell Pink & Stonewashed on the respective parts of the brayering, having stamped off once first. Next it as matted on pale blue, pale pink then lilac card.
 I covered the base card with a sheet of paper from a Dovecraft 8×8 paper pack, Amethyst Floral Print. Final touch was 5 flatback acrylic stones in the top right.