Window Hanging Suncatcher

This was created for the J&C Creations team, using the Penny Black ‘Love London’ transparent stamp set.

 The images were stamped onto acetate (I used inkjet film), using Black Stazon. I let it dry for a moment or two, then turned it over and coloured on the reverse using Promarkers in reds and blues, with some browns/golds/oranges for the characters.Because you are colouring on the opposite side to the stamping, you don’t get a problem with the Staz-on bleeding.
 The markers don’t blend in the same way on the film as they do on paper, but you get nice jewel bright colours.
 The images were cut out, and I punched holes and added eyelets for hanging. I put two in the top if the bus, and one in the bottom, 1 each side of the ‘Underground’ sign and one each in the top of the bags. I used 34 gauge wire, which is thin enough to be able to thread through the beads, but firm enough that you can use the wire itself to pick up & thread the beads. I alternated red, white & blue beads to keep to the theme. As you can see, the wire is thin enough to be able to thread two strands through the beads, as I did at the top of the bus to make the hanging string, then I separated them out again to make the loop. I added a large blue bead at the top that I glued the ends into.

Not the best shot, and yes, my windows do need cleaning, lol.


Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a lovely New Years Eve, and that you have a Happy, Peaceful & Healthy New Year, with a little Prosperity thrown in for good measure. So here is my New Year card to everyone- I just wanted to play a little this morning. After all the Christmas cards and Wedding Stationery I am doing, it’s nice to just create something, rather than duplicating.
 The background was sponged with Scattered Straw,Mustard Seed,Wild Honey,Dried Marigold,Worn Lipstick,Victorian Velvet,Barn Door, Fired Brick & Spiced Marmalade Distress Inks. I stencilled through some sequin waste  with Spiced Marmalade, Antique Burgundy and Cracked Sapphire Distress Inks.The numbers are stencils I cut with the Silhouette, again sponged through with the Oranges & Reds. Overstamped with a variety of Tim stamps, putting the clock on each one. The phrase that is spread across the panels is all one stamp, I just masked off each section with low tack tape before inking the portion I wanted, removed the tape then stamped. The base card was covered with a sheet from Tims pad ‘Crowded Attic’, and the panels are mounted onto acetate so they float on the front.
 I really like the sentiment which fully reads:

‘Time is a companion that goes with us on the journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived.’

  I’m looking forward to continuing my journey through creativity with you all for the next year.

Halloween Pumpkin for 2011.

     Here’s this years Halloween Pumpkin-Dougs annual  carving task.

Whilst he was doing this, I was busy playing with my tags again,so here is another effort. This one is the part finished one in the previous post, to show you the masks I made.

As you can see, I added the words from the Tim Holtz set, then a Dragonfly made from Fusible Fibres. The flourish was sponged using Distress inks, as was the tag.

Happy Halloween

                                              Happy Halloween, or Blessed Samhain to everyone.
Been playing with tags this weekend, inspired partly by my Tim Holtz stamps ( I’ll post those later), partly by the tags I saw on BetteK’s blog, Tattered Rocks, and partly by what I discovered I could do with my Silhouette cutting machine.
The thing is, this tag uses one stamp- the cobwebs.That comes from a background set by Tanda Stamps- Background Set No.2.

Everything else, the witch, bats, negative webs and Biohazard sign are masks cut from acetate on my Silhouette, using ‘Dingbat’ True-type fonts.You know when you get one of those ‘lightbulb’ moments, and think ‘ I wonder if….’. Seeing the flourish type masks that Tim uses on some of his tags, and remembering that I had some fonts with flourishes in I thought it was worth a try. As soon as I realised it would work, I was off hunting down more Dingbat fonts.
Now I’ve got all sorts- Clocks, keys, Halloween,Birds- you name it, theres a font containing it. Good sites are: Dafont,  1001 fonts, Urbanfonts,   Dingbat depot, and   Pickafont.   

There are probably loads more, but these sites are definitely ok, as far as spyware/malware are concerned.

I almost never got round to making any tags, I got so carried away cutting masks, lol.

This is another tag in progress I will post later, but you can see the mask I cut out next to the tag. The best bit is, I get a positive & negative mask! I bought my acetate from Staples, its actually called  Transparency Film for inkjet printers, or for copiers. I have used both, and they both work fine.They cost about a tenner for a box of 100 sheets, which is only 10p a sheet! I also use it for stamping on, glittering etc.

WOYWW #116

Well, I’m back again, after missing last week completely. I lost track of the days, and was convinced it was Tuesday,lol. First picture up is the card I made for my Beloved Husbands birthday. The dragon (Tanda Stamps,Dragons & Fantasy Set 4),was stamped onto acetate, with Staz-on, then stuck onto a double sided sticky sheet,(Stix2). I added gilding flakes in Copper Thunder, from Crafty Notions, onto the back, which gave a good appearance of scales, I thought.The dragon is mounted onto a sheet of black card which I sprayed with various mica mists, and the frame is from a Robert Adams craft CD, called Celtic. It is supposed to be an insert, but I resized it to make the centre big enough for the dragon, then cut out the white centre and placed the misted card behind the space.
  As I think I have said before, my Hubby & I share the same birthday, which is odd, but at least he can’t forget mine, and get himself into trouble, lol.
         Here are the two cards we received from Silvercrafter,(Marg ) and her Husband:

The one with the butterfly is mine.

These three were made by our Grandchildren, Mortimer & Merlin, and by my eldest son. Merlin’s is on the left, Mortimers in the middle, and my eldest sons is decorated with a picture of the much-loved Bill.

                                       My Beloved husband bought me this one:

Very, very sweet!

Now for some other stuff, on Saturday I went to a local craft shop, Pink Tulip Creations, as they had a Letraset demonstrator there, working with Promarkers, Safmat etc.  Her name was Rosie, and her blog, Freycob, has lots of tutorials for using Promarkers, if anyone needs some help.
I have mentioned before, I know, that Marg & I are co- mother-in-laws, (my son is married to her Daughter.) As you all see, Marg & I enjoy our card-making, and dabble in other crafts as well. The thing is, we have clearly spawned between us, quite an artistic gene-pool. Her Daughter is a very talented artist, and has the neatest, tiniest writing you can imagine.I think she could probably get this whole post on the back of a postage stamp- and you would still be able to read it. My son has built models and drawn since he was a toddler. He hoarded boxfuls of bits & stuff to build spaceships, scenes, landscapes- you name it.He also has an HND in graphic design, and works as an editor at the BBC. If you ever see the name Ant Smith on the end of things like The Sky at Night, Gardeners World, Big Hairy Bikers, and a lot more, THAT’S MY SON!!!!(Proud parent? You bet!). Well, they have always encouraged their kids to do art & crafts, and spent time doing stuff with them- as you can see they did the Birthday Cards, they also do all the Christmas cards as well. You probably remember from a couple of weeks ago, I did a post about Ants birthday, and the canvas I printed for him. Well, it seems canvases were the’ in’ thing this year. Mort & Merlin both did one for there Dad, and here they are:

This one was Merlins, who was 9 in July, with just a little help from Mum.

And this one was Mort’s, done all by himself, and he was 11 yesterday.

Occasionally, I feel sorry for Beck, who has to cope with a combined total of 4 Leos!, Me, Doug, Ant and Mortimer.And that is another funny story I will tell you another time.

Blimey, this has turned into a long post! I am doing this on Tuesday night, so I can post before I go to work, and I will be back to start visiting tonight. Hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday, and if you have no idea what this is all about, please come visit the Fabulous Julia Dunnit at The Stamping Ground, and come snoop, stalk and snigger at the dozens of desks around the world!

WOYWW #107

Good Morning WOYWW’ers, and I am posting early this week. My work hours have been changed slightly, I don’t start till 7.00am, so I have time to post this before I go. It means I don’t finish till 4.30pm, which I don’t like, but then again, I REALLY don’t do early mornings either! No pleasing some people is there?To anyone who doesn’t know what this is all about, pop over to the Awesome Julia Dunnits at The Stamping Ground, 

                                                                 and come join the fun.


You will probably remember seeing this card before, but in blue. I was asked to make another, for a girl, so I had to go pink. Really NOT my favourite colour, I think I have told you that before too- I am getting very repetitive, aren’t I?
 I made it the same way, using Stix-2 double sided adhesive film on acetate, much quicker for glitter than waiting for glue to dry.
       The stamps are by Elusive Images( now Chocolate Baroque) but I think it may be retired.

The punched border of mulberry paper was done by attaching the mulberry paper to some cheap printer paper with a couple of bits of tape, then punching it, with the copy paper on top. You can get a nice relatively clean cut this way.

 The vellum was stuck down with a glue tape roller, which doesn’t show on pale colours. The only problem can be getting ‘sticky edges’- where some of the tape goes over the edges.
However, I have the perfect thing for this: an adhesive eraser.

This is a spare, the package says it removes all Xyron adhesives, but I have not yet found a glue it does not remove, even liquid glues once they have dried, of course. Its a really useful bit of kit, and I am probably going to show my age here, but do any of you remember the sandals we used to wear in the summer,when we were kids, usually Burgundy or Dark blue? Do you remember the soles of them? Well this adhesive eraser is just like the stuff that the soles were made from.

 You can trim it down once it starts to get mucky, you can see I have cut the corners off this one.

This is the ‘before’ pic, and if you click it to enlarge, you will see little patches of adhesive down the edge of the vellum.

This is after its been cleaned up with the eraser.
 Cool, huh? This is the front view, but it was actually the back where the vellum was folded over the spine that I wanted to clean up, as that would be on show- this front bit will be covered.I just photographed the wrong side, I admit it.

I added some sticky backed ribbon over the seam between the vellum& the mulberry paper.Then mounted the glittered squares with silicone glue.

                                         Then the letters were added, also with silicone glue.
                                                  And here’s how I make the folded bow.

First wrap a length of ribbon around the card, and secure with glue dots. Now cut another length to make the first folded bow. Add a couple of glue dots to the centre, and fold each end to the middle & press onto the glue dots.

Cut a slightly shorter piece and repeat the process.

Now add a couple of glue dots to the front centre of the larger bow, and press the smaller one on top.

Now stick a glue dot onto the back of the larger bow, then take the rest of the ribbon and stick one end to the glue dot and wind it a couple of times around the centre of the two bows.Trim off the ribbon, and secure with a couple of glue dots on the back.

        Now I just stick it over the join in the ribbon on the card, and I usually use silicone glue for this bit.

                              I shall be back to visit everyone tonight, meanwhile have a fab WOYWW!

New Baby

This card is for a work colleague who is leaving soon to have her first baby.

 First I stamped the Baby Blocks & letters from Elusive Images in Staz-on Teal onto Acetate. I think this set is now discontinued, unfortunately. After the ink was dry, I stuck the acetate onto double sided film. Word of advice here, double check the orientation of the letter ‘B’ before you stick them down-you want them to read the correct way, after you add glitter to the back of the letter. And yes, I found that out the hard way. Oh well.
     Then I cut out the squares, and the letters, remembering to cut out the centres of the A & B’s.

I chose a selection of blue glitters. These were bought loose at either the Hobbycrafts show at the NEC, or via E-bay. I also bought the empty bottles in the same places. Much cheaper way to get a selection of colours. I found it annoying having to keep getting the jars out of the box to find the right colour-as you can see, my solution was a squiggle of pva on the lid, then sprinkled it with glitter from the jar.

In the end, I used the pale blue for the squares and the darkest one for the letters.

I covered half of a linen card base with pale blue gingham vellum, (PDA card & paper), and added a border of punched pale blue mulberry paper. The join was covered with sticky backed ‘It’s a boy’ ribbon.
The four squares were then mounted onto the front of the card with silicone glue.I added the letters to the squares, also with silicone glue.

The finishing touches were a folded bow from blue ribbon, a stork embellishment, and a peeloff greeting, coloured with a blue peeloff pen.