WOYWW #141

 Its Wednesday!!!!

Good WOYWW morning folks! This is what was on my desk last night when I took the piccy. It also goes to show that despite what my pictures usually look like, I do NOT do Tidy, lol. You can see I am a confirmed fan of the ‘push it out of the way’ method of crafting. The card on the desk was my Valentines card to my Beloved Husband.

Valentines Day is a bit busy, as besides this, it is my Youngest sons Birthday, a nephews birthday, and also a work colleagues!

I will do a post on the Valentines card how to a bit later.

For my youngest son (he’s 25 now, and passed his driving test last week), I converted a tag I had made before into a card. He is a big animal lover, cats in particular, and of course he adores Ambrose.

  The base card was overstamped with a Birthday words stamp, just randomly inked with the same Distress inks I used on the tag, then I matted the tag onto some black cardstock.

Posting at an odd time today, as we are back on shifts, and we do a permanent afternoon shift, 2 till10. Its a shift you either love or hate, but I love it- being a person who really does NOT do mornings. I seem to have loads more time to do stuff, too.

 Talking of work, I thought I would show you a picture or two of where we work & what we do- I say we as my Beloved Husband and myself work together too.Here’s the proof! Beloved Husband & his toolbox.
 These are the sort of things we make- the bolts that hold aeroplanes together. So when you go on holiday, if your plane is an Airbus, its pretty likely that it has bolts in it that we made.

And here is Beloved Husband (Doug) at his favourite pastime- gaming.  I’m guessing this picture shows him playing Skyrim, which is a new one to him, its usually Call Of Duty or Battlefield. As it is with Youngest Son- I feel like I live in the middle of a war zone some days, lol.

Well thats a little portion of my world- my desk, my real job, and my Beloved Hubby. Pop over to Julias and show us yours, please. We love to come visit. Amazing how long the list has grown now- something to do with the Craft Stamper feature, maybe?
Something else I meant to post, have any of you seen Tims new direction with his ’12 Tags of Christmas’ idea?If not, follow the link on his name- its a really cool idea. Have a great week.


21 thoughts on “WOYWW #141

  1. Hi Shaz, How many shifts do you do each week now? Geoff used to prefer afternoons too, as he also thought he got more done in the mornings. Those are lovely cards, as usual, but I have a query – how do you get that writing over the top of your photos? Has Doug had a chance to think about our projected server etc? It is probably hard being on afternoons – no hurry. See you soon. xx Maggie

  2. I have never heard them called bolts. In the US, we call them rivets. Or maybe the rivets are a lot smaller in length. Sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day and lots of birthdays to celebrate. Happy WOYWW from #3. Happy birthday to your son, too.

  3. Beautiful Valentine card. I like the new plan for the TH tags. Being spread out over the year makes it much more likely that I would get them done. Christmas is already such a busy time.
    Fiona xx #103

  4. I love that Valentine's card, all the swirls are slightly steampunky. How interesting that you make stuff like the bolts – I'd rather do something like that than be in a spurious marketing type role.
    Hugs, LLJ #72 xx

  5. Egads, bravo to you and hubby for working together, I don't think I could manage that! Who has time for gaming when I have like 200 blogs to visit, lol!! Thanks for letting me take a peek at your desk, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina πŸ™‚

  6. Love your desk. Love your cards. My desk is neat because I just bought the Cameo. I had to make my new Cameo feel at home. πŸ™‚

    Happy B-day to your son. I bet he's excited to get his driver's license.

    I am a gaming widow too. My DH is addicted to Skyrim.He's an Xboxer. I am the computer gaming girl.

  7. Gorgeous cards as one has come to expect from your wonderful desk. You are amazing for making those bolts … the precision must be so important. I will give thanks next time I am on an Airbus. Now “Skyrim” is my son's new acquisition and he is loving it after COD and battlefield. Makes me smile to think we are 1000's Km's away and yet we all have such similar pastimes.

  8. great post today! I love the tag cards you made! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing. Don't forget my blog candy is still up for grabs so drop by and leave a comment and make sure you are a follower. Vickie #64

  9. Sounds a good idea, Sahaz, but the image is only approx 2″ x 3″ so that could be a little taxing. Having said that, it could be a good way to test out the lost cutting blades I found again yesterday. I lost them before I moved back into my room, about 12 months ago. I searched and searched with no success, but I found them in a pen tin just in front of my nose. Obviously, the Borrowers had returned them as being too big for Pod to manipulate. Speak to you soon. love Maggie #98 (I moved from 100)

  10. Hubbys card looks lovely, well done to son for passing driving test, mmm now it is worry worry worry all the time, well i do ! Tag card is also lovely, colours are fab Lou

  11. Hello Shaz. I'm late getting to you and my favourite handsome wolves. I particularly like the cat tag and card for personal appeal. The other cards are lovely works of art.
    Very interested in the bolt making business. Making aircraft bolts makes me know how fussy your bloke is about high standards. Happy to meet him.
    Ros. (71)

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