Grandchildren Silhouette – and New Years Resolutions

I thought I would share with you  today, not something I have done, but the Christmas gift from my eldest son and daughter-in law. The images are our Grandson & Granddaughter, and trust me they are instantly recognisable. The work was done by our DIL, Silvercrafters daughter. She is, rightfully, very pleased with this, as she was by the picture she did for her parents, here. Check it out, you will see how lifelike the silhouettes are.  Bit of a light reflection on the glass, but better than my first picture, which had a lovely reflection of me taking the photo :).
 So, New Years Resolution time, I think.
 I fully intend to keep these realistic-if it involves giving ANYTHING up, I’m not going there.:)

Firstly, I think, is organising my time better -‘doing’ Christmas was a disaster this year. By nature I am a bit of a last minute person, and when life start throwing wobblies at you at that last minute- you’re screwed!
   So, at least two Christmas Cards a month this year. I usually do mainly all the same for work colleagues & other people, then a batch for close friends & family which are also pretty much alike. Why? I don’t actually enjoy just running a  ‘production line’. The only creative bit is coming up with the idea- after that its just repetitive-so no batch making this year. I would also like the time to make some gifts this year- I saw so many lovely ideas on the blogs on the run-up to Christmas.
    Secondly, is to sort/organise my craft stuff & room over the next few months. See, I’m being realistic already- normally I would say weeks, lol. I’m going to put what I know I haven’t used in the last year or so into a box for later ‘redistribution’. I’ve already done my ribbons, and my grandchildren went home the other day with a bag full of decorative scissors, and some decorative paper ribblers. The only scissors I have used in a couple of years are a deckle pair & a postage stamp cut pair- all the scissors have been replaced by the blades in my trimmer, and the ribblers have been superseded by the ‘Bug.
 Thirdly, I think, is to take part in more challenges, but this one is very heavily reliant on Resolution Number One- if that one holds, this one should be ok. This is where the whole House of Cards could come tumbling down:).

So really, my resolutions boil down to:
Organise my time
Organise my room and
Organise myself.  Oh dear, I have a bad feeling about this already, lol.
 Well, if you are not busy, share your resolutions with us all, at least then I won’t feel so alone when I have an epic fail :):):)


6 thoughts on “Grandchildren Silhouette – and New Years Resolutions

  1. Oh, who is setting up for next year's breakdown? My resolutions are somewhat similar, with the additions that I must empty the Christmas stash box, and I need to reduce the amount in the box of bits. Do I stand a chance? Ummmm…. The next few weeks will tell how it will all pan out. Good luck. (By the way, was Bec pleased with the crafty offerings? She was not pleased with me when I donated a stack of unused glitter. Ribbons sound far less messy.)

  2. Hi there and yes your resolutions are similar to mine – I have vowed not to have another 'run up to Christmas' as I did this time. Happy New Year to you and also thankyou for visiting my blog. Anne x

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