Hougie!- and a cool Amazon ‘tool’ for us crafters

A Christmas present off my youngest son, I have sort of had my eye on one for a while, but I do have a couple of scoreboards, and thought this one was pretty expensive, to be honest. Everywhere I had seen them they were £25-£30, depending on if they had the booklet with them or not. Then just before Xmas I saw them on Amazon for £18.69, so it went on my wish list.I really liked the idea of the score lines being 1/2″ apart on one side, and 1/2cm on the other. I often use a tri-fold (like my wedding invitations) but the score lines on most boards don’t line up at those folds, so I had to score one line, then turn the card around to score the other. Not a problem really for a single card, but if you are doing a lot, it’s time consuming. I like the flexibility this will give me for folds, as well as for embossing detail like lines etc.
          Now, while we are on the subject of Amazon, here is a very, very useful little tool they have added that you may not know about. Its a ‘Wish List’ button, and there are versions for Firefox users, and Internet Explorer users.
    Bear with me here, because I know you have always been able to build a Wishlist in Amazon, but this version is unbelievably cool! If you download it, you get a button on your toolbar that says ‘Add to Wishlist’. The big difference now is that if you find something you would like, on ANY SITE  all you have to do is click on the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button, and your item will be added to your Amazon Wishlist, along with its location etc. Even e-bay items can be added. This means you can e-mail the link to this wishlist to friends/relatives etc for Birthday & Christmas pressies!! Just how useful is that? You can also add comments to the Amazon list, so you can use it to compile a list of potential gifts for other people too, and share it with your other half/family etc.
 I am so going to have fun with this one, lol.


9 thoughts on “Hougie!- and a cool Amazon ‘tool’ for us crafters

  1. The only problem with that wish list, Shaz, is that you need to train everyone to look at it. By the way, will you stop encouraging me to buy things. Geoff is getting that “Oh, not more stuff” look. I can see most of my desk now, and Christmas is in one box, not two (it is a bigger box, though).

  2. Oh dear one glimpse and my family would all run a mile lol, The list would be way too big for them to cope with!!

    Have fun with Hougie, as I love mine, and use it in preference to all other scoring boards where possible, though having said that I have just got the boxer, envelobox, and enveloplus boards, btu they are quite specific tools, where as Hougie is a good all rounder, enjoy it, a piece of elastic is a good way to attach the folder as well, by the way, xx

  3. I got a great Scoreboard for Christmas a few years ago and I absolutely love it, so useful. I saw that Amazon wishlist button a few weeks ago and thought it would be useful too. Have a wonderful New Year.

    Brenda 58

  4. You're right, the score lines don't meet up (well they don't on my old Ultimate Crafters Companion thingy when i do a gatefold, there's always a gap, but on saying that, could not have managed without it, doing wedding cards) and why they are sooo expensive!?! The Hougie does sound more useful! will lookout for that and hopefully find it in a sale!
    Very Happy New Year to you!!

  5. Hi Shaz! What a fabulous idea! When I get a minute I will download the thingy and my mega-dream list will be able to get even bigger!
    Thanks for becoming a follower of our new challenge blog, Craft A Scene! You create beautiful scenes and Im looking forward to seeing even more!

  6. Great idea, Shaz, but not sure my family would take to it – they think I am bad enough already!! but have one of the boards cant remember their names that has the 1/4 inch lines and really love it to bit – id it the Martha Stewart one think so it was $15aud if remember rightly really cheap..and love it! Shaz.x in oz.x
    PS glad to see you put yourself down on DT and hope you get it – looks like it will be fun to have go in it – I need encouragement to do it more often! I am starting on a new DT I think this Jan 12th 2012 – was offered it on Dec. 23rd but yet to sort it all out so not said anything yet.

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