Using a Tim Holtz Rosette die with standard ‘bug plates.

Bit of a long title, but I wanted to show you how I used the Tim Rosette die, in my Cuttlebug, just using the standard plates, rather than the extended ones. As you can see, the die is quite a bit longer than the plates, but when I saw the cost of the extended plates, I figured there had to be a way to use the originals. And it does work, without any real trouble. You can see the die next to my well-worn B plate. The die gives you the rosette and one centre. You need two centres, one for each side, but as one side is not going to be seen, I just used a small circle punch for it, rather than having to cut again.

I recently bought two small punches, a 5/8″ and a 1″, both scalloped circles, as I already have a 1″ plain circle. I thought these would also be useful for smaller centres, if I cut the strip down to make smaller rosettes.

I used exactly the same sandwich as usual,A, B, Die, Paper, B. one thing I did do, was cut my strips of paper to the length & width of the die- made it easier to add a little low tack tape to one end, and helped me see what I was doing.

I also used up some 8×8 and 6×6 paper pads here- I just taped two pieces side by side, then cut my strips. This also gives you a small cut-off piece you can punch your centres from. I have a few of these pads, and never seem to use them because I usually make cards from an A4 sheet folded, and they are way too small for that. I just used some low-tack tape to hold them together.


Here is the die going through for the first half- just wind all the way through as normal.

Then I lifted the whole stack from the ‘bug, and brought it back to the front of the machine. This bit is the only time it can get tricky, as I found that some paper has a bit of a ‘static cling’ to the plates! So, before you lift off the top B plate, HOLD THE PAPER ONTO THE DIE! Now just slide the die forward so you have the uncut portion on top of your plates, with a bit of an overlap. Gently put your B plate back on top, and run through the machine again to cut the remainder of the strip.

I only had a couple of strips where there was a bit of a jagged cut along the straight edge, and as this bit is in the middle of the rosette, you won’t see it anyway.

Also you can trim down the straight edge, to give you different sized rosettes.

Now came the really tricky bit- assembling the rosette! I used a small piece of double sided tape on one end, then stuck the ends together. All going well so far. Now I had to get the rosette into shape- not too bad, but it kept sproinging back open on me, lol. At this point, to get the top & bottom circle stuck onto the rosette, I tried DST- didn’t hold. You can see one in the top picture with a small acrylic block on it trying to hold it together long enough.
Wet glues didn’t work either, and neither did glue dots.     
 So out came the silicone glue. The problem was keeping it in shape long enough for it to set.

I found eventually, that if you put a decent sized blob on the bottom circle……………….

……..put the rosette onto that, then add a little more to the top……..

……..add the top circle………

..slide across desk to the edge…….

……..and get a clamp onto it quick! These are brilliant little things, they have flat pads on the jaws so they don’t damage your work, and the centre of the rosette is strong enough to take it without squashing.. Best of all, I bought a bag of about a dozen from Poundland!

Here is the rosette, about 20 minutes later, stuck perfectly. I also used silicone glue to attach them to my cards.


A quick thanks here to all of you who suggested a hot glue gun- yes, I do have (at least)  one of those lurking around this room somewhere- I shall find it out & give it a new lease of life!


13 thoughts on “Using a Tim Holtz Rosette die with standard ‘bug plates.

  1. I am off to Poundland asap. Those clamps look so useful. You are a very busy girl tonight, making use of your free time this week. i am struggling today. The wrist I broke a few years ago is really giving me serious pain today, and stopping me from doing a lot of things. It feels worse than when I actually broke it. I think I have borrowed the violins from someone else. Excellent tutorial anyway. Happy New Year. Maggie

  2. Just discovered your blog and oh my do I love it!!! You have such wonderful tips and tutorials.
    I just wanted to pass on what I do when making rosettes to hold them together. I use a glue gun to hold the ends. But then I found a lid that is the same size that the rosette will be and add my small circle with glue and set it in there and add the rosette and when you push the centre down it has nowhere to go but down. Hope this helps. This is not my idea and I am sorry I cannot remember where I read it. If the lady sees it I will be happy to give her credit. It is such a marvelous way to make rosettes and fast too.

  3. I love a tutorial and I know what you mean about finding the right glue for the job. I wonder if a hot glue gun would do the trick. Wishing you a very happy new year and looking forward to another year of woyww posts and a peek at your beautiful/stunning/gorgeous cards.

  4. Oooh great tutorial – I have some of those clamps from poundland and have never thought to use them on the rosettes – will have to dig them out from the back of the cupboard! (see my woyww post to get that one!) and have a go. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh please don’t tell Mr BoJangles he’s gorgeous Sharon, he’s already enough of a diva as it is, Lol!
    Thanks for the insight into the rosette die. I’ve always made mine on my Hougie Board with is great, especially if you want to make wider ones but it does take a while scoring all those little folds.
    I may just invest in the TH die sometime soon….and some of those little clamps…how fab are they.

    Happy New Year to you and
    Happy Crafting!


  6. Thanks for visiting my log – this is a great idea – I make rosettes by hand because I didn't want to buy the extended plates – may get it now :-)) I glue my rosettes using a cheap hot glue gun – useful for all sorts of things

  7. If I had a Poundland nearby I'd be off to buy these useful little gadgets too 🙂 I don't have this die but make my rosettes using my Hougie board and I see you now have one of these too – they are easy to score up and a great job to do whilst relaxing in the evening. I'm another that would recommend the hot glue gun for this job – tried all the other adhesives and hot glue works best for me. Thanks for all your lovely comments throughout the year, I've enjoyed reading them, and I wish you many crafting hours in 2012. Happy New Year! Elizabeth #65

  8. ah how lovely are these and very clever of you too Shaz – thanks for sharing dont have the die and dont think I will but nice to see anyway – and guess what I dont have a hot glue gun either but thinking of getting one one day except am worried I will burn myself with the glue – is this likely?
    And thanks so much for popping over, for sharing and being such a blessing in 2011. Happy WOYWW! Love, Shaz in Oz. x #24

  9. I was having the same problem with getting it to glue down and ran across a Tim video where he explained he uses a hot glue gun so I invested in one and it works well. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog this week. I really enjoy hearing what you have to say! Have a Happy New year! Vickie #10

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