WOYWW #134- mid-way between Christmas & New Year.

Good Morning everyone, I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas, and are looking forward to the New Year. Time for the last WOYWW of 2011, hosted as always by our Mistress of Ceremonies, Julia Dunnit over at The Stamping Ground.
        I know its a bit early for spring cleaning, but when I have finished all the Christmas cards, while I am putting everything away, I usually do a bit of re-organising.
So this first picture is what my desk looked like a few days ago:

As you can see I have a bit of a problem with ribbon. I knew it needed some sort of organisation, but I didn’t really know how I was going to make it user & space friendly! That is, until someone posted a link on Splitcoast Stampers, to this lady, Becca’s blog, where she had come up with her own solution. She used foamboard to make ‘bobbins’ to wind her ribbons onto. So I purchased some A4 sheets of 3mm thick foamboard online, 30 sheets, as I would need quite a bit, and that was the cheapest way to buy it.I found that I could cut it into 7 x 7 cm squares, and have next to no waste. Each A4 sheet gave me 9 squares, and a little strip. So I started with 270 squares, and believe it or not, I have 2 , yes 2  squares left over!

 3 days of sorting and winding, and this is the result. 3 drawers filled with neatly wound ribbon, and 1 drawer that has metallics, leftover ‘bits’ and a few reels. The ribbon on each bobbin is held in place with a rubber band, and in some cases there are more than one ribbon on a bobbin, if there was not a lot of that particular piece.

 I am amazed at how little space this takes up now.
I went from these three tubs, to these drawers.


That sort of looks like it takes up the same space, so here they are side by side:

The three large tubs all fitted into 4 small drawers. Almost 90 bobbins per drawer! And now I can find any colour I want- easily.  I can’t tell you how many ‘bits’ I found, because I could never find the skein I had started! Had a bit of a stress sometimes over some colours- is Teal green or blue? and when does orange cease to be orange and become apricot?When does grey become silver? Then I realised that it only mattered to me- as long as I could find them, does it really matter if my orange/apricot/peach are all together? πŸ™‚
 So I am off to post, and start visiting, as I am still on holiday until the 3rd of January!!! Yipee!!!
By the way, I bought my foamboard from The Foamboard store, and I got the 3mm white, in A4 size. If you need quite a bit, this place seemed to be the cheapest, and they shipped really fast too- I think I ordered one Friday/Saturday, and it arrived on the Monday.


34 thoughts on “WOYWW #134- mid-way between Christmas & New Year.

  1. Congratulations!! Job well done, you'll love it and it will save lots of time..I need to organize by color ONCE AGAIN…I've similar storage and it's pretty good, I have Cats so can't have it on a rod or displayed, they love to play in my area when I create!!! Imagine that.
    Doesn't it make one feel good to accomplish something and help eliminate the frustrations!!
    Have a Wonderful New Year and enjoy some merriment!! #39

  2. Well, that was a job and a half but what a worthwhile one. They look amazing. What a fabulous idea and such a great way of storing the ribbons.
    May I take this opportunity of wishing you and yours a Good 2012. Hugs, Neet #4 xx
    ps thanks for your thoughts on my blog

  3. Well done, Shaz. I have not even posted yet today so that is my next job, before I start the great Christmas clear up. My room was bad enough before son arrived with the two littlies (his wife was working until 5pm. We then needed to put the travel cot up for the youngest, excluding as much light as possible. Guess what, my room was the only one with black out curtains. The organised chaos became disorganised.

  4. Wow, brilliant storage idea for ribbons – you have a shed load there honey and I'd love to have a little delve in. Love ribbons!! Happy WOYWW. Di xx

  5. That is awesome!! I love what you've done with the ribbons – now you can see straight away what you've got. I hate wasting time searching for stuff, so admire that new system A LOT!!
    Thanks for all the support and lovely comments this year,
    Wishing you all the very best for a fab 2012.
    Hugs, LLJ #35 xx

  6. WOW what an amazing transformation and a brilliant idea, well done on getting it all done so quickly. I don't suppose you fancy coming over to sort all mine out now for me?? LOL!!

    Have a great WOYWW and a very Happy New Year, I hope 2012 is a good one for you πŸ™‚
    Luv Karen xx

  7. WTG you! That took some doing. I had the bright idea a couple of years back of using tie hangers for my ribbon, but it didn't resolve the issue of those on reels. I still haven't sussed it out, and the only trouble with using bobbins is that you really need to iron your ribbon before use to get the kinks out!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Wow! Look at that! What an inspiration!! Thanks for sharing!
    hey, not that you need ribbon or anything but there's still a couple days left to join in my “no strings attached” (no pun intended) blog candy if you're interested. πŸ™‚
    Really love what you did here!

  9. Wow2 you can come spring clean in my craftroom any day.I realy must tackle my ribbons and lace and everything else really .im planning on that once family have gone back to work n school.in mean time keep admiring the mess i have ..lol
    Good on you for being organized!
    Here's hoping you Have Happy Healthy,Creative New Year
    Hugs Judex 57

  10. That's the same systme I use too… and you have given me some spunk to get my new ribbons done… if you can takle ALL that, I should be able to do 8-10 spools…….
    Thanks for your visit today, and the kind words too!!
    Have a HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!

  11. That is a serious case of ribbon addiction. Thought I had a lot but yours beats me hands down. Lovely job of organising and they look so good now I would be itching to use it all.
    Happy 2012
    Ann B

  12. WoW! What a huge, wonderful difference! I LOVE organizing – at times I love it as much as making things with whatever it is I'm handling! And it gets me in the same room with my hubby – which is often a rarity. (He watches TV at night while I'm upstairs in the play room. I have a VERY hard time sitting still unless there's something in my hands…and yes, my granddaughter counts).

  13. Wow. that was some task. Don't they look gorgeous now. Every time I sort by colour I have the same dilemma as you. My big one is do I split the 'mauves' so one lot follows on from the pinks and the other from the blues? How sad is that. But I have the sort of mind that loves organisation so your new ribbon drawers would be very satisfying if I had done them. I hope they are for you too. Kate x

  14. Ah Shaz, what a wonderful inspiring post, how gorgeous your ribbons look! I'm happy that you had a moments stress about colours…that's what I would have done! Great job. Now, what to put in those empty drawers?

  15. Oh My Goodness!!! I am so impressed with the job you have done with those ribbons. Well done!! You have inspired me to do some sorting myself! Thank you for commenting on my blog, have a good rest of the week and a Fun New Years Eve xx

  16. Do you know I love to sit and organise stash – I find it very therapeutic (in fact I did all my papers yesterday) – my ribbons are all wrapped around dolly pegs and stored in one box too – but then tucked away at the back of cupboard and rarely used! instead I have a handful of favourites all bundled up in a basket – cant win can I!!!! Thanks for all your lovely comments over the year and I hope you have a lovely New Year.

  17. Hi Shaz, I read a later post thinking it was your WOYWW post this week – not matter, it's all interesting πŸ™‚ I'm impressed with your ribbon storage, very organised, and the amount of ribbon you have … something for every occasion. I will take note of the foamboard supplier (I usually just use bits of cardboard to wrap my ribbon round) and the use of rubber bands – I've been struggling with bits of sellotape which is never entirely successful. Many thanks for sharing. Elizabeth x #65

  18. ohohooo I do love Useful Boxes, you can never have too many! Really making me think, my ribbons will have to go the same way, soon, I have them in jars but useful boxes on bobbins may be better! just got up…(Gone midnight!!) feeling a bit better! Hopefully will be better by weekend! Have a Happy New Year,
    Happy woyww

  19. Thank you for the warm WOYWW welcome hun! Wow, you have a very organised work space – I could be happy there for weeks, but it wouldn't be quite so organised ….. Hugs Sxx

  20. Now I really am impressed, Shaz, at your ribbon storage… fab job! Enjoyed looking through your later posts too and seeing all your tools.
    I'm just back home from the South Coast of England visiting the Brighton Belles so quick catch up to thank you for all your lovely comments and fun and inspiration on your blog!
    Here's to a great New Year 2012!! Health, Happiness, Peace & Joy,
    Love JoZarty x

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