Lest we Forget…….

This tag came about because I was reorganising some stamps and spotted an unmounted poppy, which was a free stamp with Craft Stamper, a few years ago now, when Jane Pinder of The Stamp Bug was the editor.

This is the stamp, and I thought it would lend itself nicely to layering.

   I stamped two images onto a handmade paper, and then four more onto Mulberry paper.

I used one of the Handmade paper poppies for the base, then cut up the four mulberry paper ones into sections, then scrunched them up. Opened them all out again, and began to layer them onto the Poppy base with a little silicone glue.

This is the Poppy all layered up, and with a large Black brad in the centre, which also help to ruffle the petals a little.

Added a leaf, from dark green mulberry paper, embossed with clear powder, and the edges cut with a pair of fancy edged scissors.

For the tag, I used a white index card, which I just
sponged in greens, using a torn piece of paper for a mask, and added blues for the sky.The stem is part of another stamp- a Lavinia stamps dandelion head. You can see a bit of a black smudge where I caught the edge of the flower head with the inkpad, but the Poppy head will cover it,lol.

 Now I matted it onto Red then Black cardstock. I don’t have a stamp for Remember, but I do have one that says Remembering, so I just masked off the unwanted letters with lowtack tape, inked the rest, then peeled off the tape before stamping.

The Poppy head is stuck in place with some more silicone glue.

 To finish it off, I added a few dots after Remember with a Promarker, Punched a hole in the top and added some black & red fibres.


10 thoughts on “Lest we Forget…….

  1. That's really pretty. It has so much dimension! Oh, I bought some oil pastels yesterday so I can try some backgrounds. Yours are so beautiful. You've inspired me!

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