WOYWW #125

Morning all! Actually, its evening while I am writing this, as its Tuesday night, but I go to work at 6.30, and my brain couldn’t cope with typing at that hour.
    A few odds & ends on my desk this week- a set of Tims stamps, which I have been meaning to get for ages. I am so going to play with these at the weekend.

Here are a few Wedding Stationery samples I have been busy with- I am trying to build up a portfolio of designs. These use some fabulous paper I bought  few years ago, which you can put through your printer, then sprinkle with embossing powder. Great for the monograms- I really need to find some more now though.

Last thing is a box of white & gold ribbon in various sizes, which I have bought off e-bay. Definitely the place for ribbons, especially if you want quite large quantities.I’ve been getting 30/40/50 yard rolls, for what I would pay for 3 or 4 yards locally. You can also see a sheet of the stickers I put on the back of my cards, another monogram, and there is a broken Quartz crystal bracelet waiting to be restrung.
        Well thats me for this week, fairly short & sweet, I shall post this first thing before going to work, then start visiting tonight when I get home. Then again, it may be tomorrow, as today (Wednesday) is my Daughter in laws birthday, so we’ll be going to see her straight after work.Have a great Wednesday everyone, and if you are new to this, hop over to the Fantastic Miss Dunnits, at The Stamping Ground, and show your workdesk to the world.


27 thoughts on “WOYWW #125

  1. Hi Shaz, will probably see you later up at Bec's. Your blog is running very slow today. I thought it was totally stuck, but it did eventually come through. Love those wedding cards.

  2. Love the stationary …full name one is fav. Having trouble with your blog …very slow …then it freezes mine …hope this works …will be 4th time …so far so good. xx

  3. Hope this posts Shaz!!! LOVE the wedding card samples … I am always keen to personalise any cards I make and would love to discover a way of embossing what you have printed so if you ever track down that paper I'd be interested in knowing all about it!

  4. Hi Shaz, me again! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I quite agree – blogger has been a pain again. Late on Wednesday night it took me half an hour to comment on 2 blogs!!! It's now been playing silly bloggers for a YEAR. I can't think why they can't sort it out. It used to work fine!

  5. Thanks for telling me about the “stats” thingy … found it utterly fascinating although hubby-dearest did suggest the viewer from Columbia maybe wasn't quite looking for a fellow papercrafter – but I rather hope they were!
    Now, don't you go blaming me for being the reason you HAD to get those Tim Holtz stamps … you know you NEEDED them! xXx

  6. Never mind you blaming Debbie for tempting you to buy those stamps. It is definitely your fault that I bought two beautiful rolls of thin ribbon, purple and silver. That is what I am telling Geoff, anyway, and they are so much better value.

  7. Shaz, what great cards….WOW! I need to make up some service award cards for a company and I really like the top card, it'll work perfect. Might just use that style! It's almost a crime that you can get an entire bolt for what they charge in the stores isn't it. That's the way I like to buy ribbon too. Thanks for the visit!

  8. Great TH stamps. I would like to try them, they are so popular. You're wedding cards for your PF are great. I think a lot of people like to order their cards with you. Thanks for visiting me. I'm late too. xFranka

  9. I have that set of stamps and they are one of the most used sets I have. I hope you enjoy using them.
    Love your cards and would love to know what seller on e-bay sells those rolls.

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