WOYWW #123

Hi Folks, I’m back! Had a busy couple of weeks, and last week we went to Cornwall- love that area. Didn’t get the best of the weather, but had a nice break all the same. So a few pictures for you:

This one is taken from the rocks at Tintagel, below the castle ruins. To the left the cave you can see is known as ‘ Merlins Cave’, as Tintagel is claimed to be the birthplace of Arthur, the Once & Future King.The pic on the right is from inside the cave, looking out.

                                      This one is of St Michaels Mount, taken from Penzance.

These next few were taken on a day at Paradise Park, a bird sanctuary in Hayle. ShazinOz will recognise this- its the Frogmouth she posted a pic of recently! They also have some small mammals, and these Red Squirrels were gorgeous! Really tiny compared to the greys.Shaz will recognise this Kookaburra too- they are so funny when they start ‘laughing’.

Cornwalls emblem is this Cornish Chough- a little like a blackbird, with a long red beak. This pair had been hand-reared at the park, and were so tame, they came to the wire and were quite happy to be stroked! How cool is that?

Yes, I do point out to Beloved Husband that he is going grey, and he says I gave them to him!

This Celtic cross is a War Memorial- I thought it was gorgeous, but then I adore the Celtic designs.

          Final holiday pic, and this has to be the strangest, but  coolest pub sign ever!   The Bucket Of Blood, in Hayle, Cornwall.

 Back to my Beloved Husband, this week was our second Wedding Anniversary, and this is the card I made him. I went back to the Black & Burgundy theme for the wedding for my colours, and the stamp is by Inca,1052i, Love Poem.


    And this beautiful card is made by Silvercrafter, Marg, from her & her husband, Geoff. The inside is just as gorgeous as the outside, as you can see.

 I have to say, no-one could have better co-in-laws- we consider ourselves exceptionally lucky not only to have a wonderful Daughter-in-law in our family, but to have Marg & Geoff as fellow parents-in-law! So thank you both, we love you!

Well, thats me done for this week, I shall post this up before I go to work, and will be back to visit you all later. Have a great Wednesday.


16 thoughts on “WOYWW #123

  1. Hi Shaz, glad you had a good time down in my favourite part of the world. I am glad too that you liked the card. My next project is to have a go at those hearts. The stuff has arrived,together with a couple of set of stamps from Barbara Gray, and a couple of set of fine nibs for the Promarkers. Can't wait to get busy. Let you know how things go when we see you at the computer hospital.

  2. Merlin's Cave in Tintagel has to be one of the most atmospheric places in the UK! Have you read the Crystal cave series of books by Mary Stewart – one of my favourite Arthurian stories and I've read a few in my time 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  3. I love how both you and Marg have the cornwall theme happening on your blogs. Then I read that the connnection is even more integral then a cyber connection. It is a small but fascinating world.

  4. Hi Shaz
    Glad you had a good time in Cornwall – it's funny seeing the pics cos we were there in July taking almost identical ones (at least, from Merlin's cave!).

    Happy 2nd Anniversary hun!

  5. What a lovely post. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday despite the weather. Cornwall is gorgeous isn't it?
    Happy 2nd Anniversary. You sound like you have a wonderful family.
    Hugs Lisax

  6. Lovely post – I enjoyed the photos of Cornwall, my favourite holiday spot with Mousehole, near Penzance, being my all time favourite village. Both the cards are lovely and so nice to hear that you all get on so well. Hope your weekend is proving to be a good one. Elizabeth x #53

  7. What fabulous pictures of Cornwall! You've captured the atmosphere of the place really well. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Like you I'm behind with WOYWW this week (or is it last week now lol!!) – been too busy with the exhibition. Unfortunately I only sold one mirror and one box. I'm now setting up an Etsy shop and hope to sell some more on there.

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