WOYWW #119- a bit of a tidy up!

Good morning everyone, and welcome to the weekly wander around the desktops of the world, courtesy of our amazing hostess, Julia Dunnit at The Stamping Ground. The cards I have been busy on are on the posts below, but I had to share a great discovery this week at Staples. Most of you will be aware of my fetish for Really Useful Boxes- if not, go have a look at the pictures of my craft room! Anyway, I came across these really cool inserts for A4 size Really Useful Boxes- you can get two in the standard A4 size (4 litre), or 4 in the 9 litre size, which is twice the depth. My instant thought was how cool for storing little embellishments in- and they are great!

As you can see, one is straight sided, and contains 15 squares, the second has a lip around it to sit on top,and has a selection of different sized compartments.


These are just so cool- I can see a lot more of these being purchased,🙂

One or two other random shots of my desk:

A selection of tags I’ve cut out and yes, they ARE in a Really Useful Box.Here are the templates I made for cutting them:

I cut them all from thick card, mountboard would be ideal, then I duplicated the sizes in thick acetate. I thought that if I wanted to cut a tag from a larger piece of work, rather than working on a tag shape, it would be helpful to see what the cut tag would look like.

Last shot of my desk, just some stuff I always have there. My scalpels, and tweezers. These are First Aid tweezers- I like the really fine point. Next to that is a pad of telephone notepaper. They were looseleaf, but I stuck all one end together with masking tape, and the back page is taped down to my desk with low-tack tape. Its great for testing paint/pens/inks on, putting a blob of silicone glue on to pick up with a cocktail stick,sticking the cut-off end of DST to, bits of peeloffs, anything sticky at all. Then just peel off the top sheet & bin it! Theres a tape dispenser with a roll of low-tack tape in it, my reading glasses- I cannot see close up at all without them!The little round white dish is actually a water/paint  bowl for painting, but I have little ‘bits’ in it- needles for threading, or unblocking glue tubes, Little pieces of bent wire for threading fibres through tag holes, I can see a post- it moon mask as well. Next to that is my anti static bag, behind that is Hettie, my Voodoo string doll keyring.She is sitting on her broomstick in front of a Quartz crystal. Underneath them is a free cutting mat from a craft magazine.  Oh, one more important item- the blue mat stuff under my knives. I bought some rolls of this stuff from my local Poundland- its a non-slip matting, the roll is about 3 feet long, by 18 inches wide.
I also have it under my craft mat:

It completely stops any sliding around- the little piece I use under inkpads when I am brayering, or paint pots & palettes. We even have a sheet in the back of our X -Trail to stop stuff moving about, (the boot  floor is not mat but hard plastic)  and under the mat inside the front door to stop it sliding on the laminate floor. Well, thats my desk tour for this week, hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


25 thoughts on “WOYWW #119- a bit of a tidy up!

  1. Those boxes are a great idea…your right! You've shown some terrific things today…a wonderful post for sure! I love the non-slip mat idea that's one I'm going for immediately – very good idea, thank you! Happy WOYWW, thanks for the snoop and have a wonderful day!

  2. yay, really useful boxes!!I'm a fan too,they are just soooo useful! (wave arms in air) My last buy was about four smaller boxes inside a larger box for nearly the same price as the large box on it's own, very useful! Have a great woyww

  3. Ooh,ooh *jumping up and down* I really want to come to your house and explore all those lovely bits and bobs in those boxes!! Actually, that made me sound a bit weird and like a stalker, which I'm really not!! But I can't resist little boxes full of gorgeousness 😀 xx

  4. I had to blow your picture up so that I could see my namesake!! Very cute lickle witchey doll!
    Monkey fancies her too!
    Thanks for your visit and kind words. Hopefully I will get time to quilt the quilt this week!! LOL!

  5. I found those a while back …and 12×12 ones too BUT I can only use one per box as they sit on the edge rather than inside ????strange….or did I miss understand you.

  6. Just a quick visit this week due to illness but hope to do better next week … thanks for sharing your desk and your really useful boxes – great storage. I hope you have a great week. Elizabeth x #121

  7. Sorry, Shaz, I sort of assume that you arre way ahead of me with storage and other tricks of the trade. I found those Really Useful Trays at Staples a couple of years ago and I have three or four sets, which are “really useful”. However, I had not thought about using the sticky matting to stop craft stuff moving around. We already use it in the caravan for lots of different things, so I might have to raid that. My craft mat is held down, at the moment, by some doubled over low tack tape.

  8. I have some of those small boxes you have your tags in and I haven't used them for anything because I thought they were too small for anything. Great ideas, thanks!

  9. Oooh very neat and tidy! I already have one of those inserts for the really useful boxes – they are handy arent they. Love the tip about keeping the book of scrap paper there, I always have to hunt around for a piece of paper and usually end up using a piece I shouldnt (like I diecutted an important letter from my sons school on Tues!) sometimes the simple ideas are the best arent they – thanks for the tip.

  10. Wow. Your post is full of nifty ideas. Like the sound of those box inserts from Staples. Must go and check them out. Great idea on cutting the tags out in acetate so you can see what you are cutting out. Simple but brilliant idea. Hugs Mrs A.

  11. Well miss Shaz, you're revealing more and more of your overtly orderly side! The non slip stuff is great – but my fave is your telephone notepad – how brilliantly useful and so discreet!

  12. I guess we could all need to tidy up our supplies now and then! Great job you did here, and I'm sure your much more motivated to make new beautiful projects now that everything's organized 🙂

  13. Hi there Shaz, loving all these organised folk and you very useful boxes!!, mm me like! and also like your tools of the trade on the side there!
    And here is the postscript I added to my post re the folder used on card:
    “PS For those wanting to know the name of the white embossing folder, bought last year on eBay – pasted from the post below (link above) with the details on it: ” Used the Cuttlebug Winter Wonderland (set of six folders) and love this particular folder in the set, I have debossed it here… With some folders it just seems to work better for them.”
    so hope that helps you, happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x

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