New Ceative Expressions Embossing Folders

When I visited Pink Tulip Creations last week, as well as watching the Promarker Demo, I bought a couple of Creative Expressions embossing folders,Lattice & Brick.They are a little larger than the Cuttlebug folders, I have pictured them alongside one here to show you.

They do give a nice crisp emboss, but I did find that the Brick pattern was too thick to go through my ‘Bug with the standard ‘A’, ‘B’, folder & ‘B’ sandwich. So I discarded the bottom ‘B’ plate, and tried two pieces of card instead. I used the sort you get on the back of notebooks, like chipboard. I think I could have added another thinner piece of card, and improved the emboss.I know every ‘Bug is a little different, so be careful with this one, it definitely would have needed too much force using the normal sandwich on mine.

Here are the folders, with their respective pieces.

I have also been un-mounting some Foam backed stamps, from sets I bought when I first started stamping, and from early Craft Stamper magazines.I really found that it was difficult to get a decent print from a lot of these, and as I had quite a few sentiments amongst them I was fed up with not being able to use them properly.
I also have a nice Floral alphabet, which is on the left. I am one of those who love Kling-on/U-mount cushion on their stamps, and all my u/m’s are on it. I have even, in the past, put some silicone stamps on it that did not stamp too well, and now they work fine. Its either a love it or hate it product, I think.

One final thing, I notice that the photos of my followers keep vanishing, then reappearing, then vanishing again. Really don’t know why, can’t find much of an answer on Blogger help either. I have posted on their forum, to see if anyone has an answer, so if its happening to you as well, you are not alone! 🙂


One thought on “New Ceative Expressions Embossing Folders

  1. Wonderful cards, you and your family are very talented. I'm going to look up the Creative Expressions embossing folders. I have the same problem with my followers vanishing and reappearing. Don't know why…. thank fully they reappear. Have a wonderful week!

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