WOYWW #106

The only card on my desk this week is one that I have slightly re-worked. This was just a Happy Birthday card, but I have added The larger sentiment cut out with the Silhouette, and also the word Mom. I layered  two flowers together, and they have been coloured with Distress Inks, to match the brayered card (Mustard Seed, Wild Honey & Marmalade). A yellow brad made the centres.

The card I commented on last week for Silvercrafter is posted below, along with an engagement card I also couldn’t post until after the couple received it.
My tidy workspace often gets comments, which makes me laugh, as I am the untidiest person I know! I assure you the tidiness is all down to careful zooming with the camera, and occasional Photoshop cropping. To prove this, here are some unedited pics taken whilst I was making the engagement card:

Happy WOYWW to everyone, off now to Madame Dunnits  for the weekly snoop.


17 thoughts on “WOYWW #106

  1. Nice card …and the one on the previous post too. I have to say your edging punching is very neat …I tend to punch only one side as I find it hard to get the sides to match exactly.

  2. Very pretty birthday card! It's pretty hard to keep a workspace tidy right in the middle of a project. It's what happens when the project is completed that separates us into the camps of tidy and not-so-tidy! Happy WOYWW!

  3. I see what you meant the other day, Shaz, about your careful posing and cropping. Next query – I thought, wrongly, that Adirondack ink was supposed to be easy to get off. My hands were black and nothing shifted it for nearly 48 hours. Is it an avoidable hazard or do I just put up with it and make sure I don't do any stamping with it for a couple of days before an important outing?

  4. Ah Shaz, have you got a camera in my room? I often 'convert' a card I really like! So nice to see that a work in progress on your desk looks just like mine. Yay for normal!!

  5. Lovely brayer work Shaz. I was looking at one today in the craft shop, really must give it a try one day. Very nice to see the messy desk for a change, mine is definitely ready for a tidy up!

    Brenda 73

  6. I hate putting a sentiment on my card unless I know exactly who its for. I often come back later and add something! Thanks for your comment on my post, I have tried printing on to tissue paper and I had to use a piece smaller than A4 and tape it to an A4 sheet but my printer is really tempremental and tends to blob ink in random places and chew sheets up… but it does work, lol

  7. Hi! Thanks for your comment about my last post! I love what you have done with this card! The font is really nice you have used & the colours are beautiful,Very dreamy 🙂
    Happy Solstice & Bright Blessings!

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