WOYWW #105

No cards on my desk this week, as the card I have been busy with is for Silvercrafters birthday, and its only fair she gets to see it first, lol. So I shall post that one next week.To see lots of other workdesks, go to the Fabulous Julia Dunnits , who hosts this glorious snoop festival.

                              Instead, I thought I would show you some of my favourite things:

Our cat, Ambrose, sunning himself yesterday. He is completely black, but lying in the sun brings a sable brown out in his coat.And he does a lot of sunbathing, lol. The ‘grass’ growing up through the decking is germinated birdseed from the feeders. Usually buy the husk free, to cut down on this problem , but accidentally bought the wrong one. Oh, and he doesn’t bother with the birds, and they don’t bother about him. He absolutely refuses to chase his dinner- far too much effort.

A double clematis on the fence opposite my kitchen window.

  A Black Elder. This refers to the colour of the leaves, which are a green/black. as you can see the flowers are a pale pink, unlike the usual creamy white ones.

Part of our front garden- this is only tiny, but it gets the sun for most of the day, so herbs love it. Here there are Rue, Marjoram and Variegated Lemon Balm. I love growing herbs, they smell gorgeous, and the bees & butterflies love them too.


                                  Books and Dragons………………………
……………………and more books…………….. I could never, ever possibly have too many books…………………… There are more in other rooms too……….and there could never be too many Dragons either. Most of those on top of the bookshelves I’ve bought for Beloved Husband.

 My Beloved Husbands computer desk, which he built himself, as we couldn’t find a desk anywhere that would fit the dimensions between the chimney breast and the wall.
  Where he does his gaming, amongst other things, and yes, there is a Dragon on his screen.

                                       This, however, is probably my most favourite.

My son & daughter-in-law put this together for us while we were on our honeymoon- we love it. It makes me smile every time I look at it.
As you can see, its HUGE! The chimney breast is almost 4′ wide.

                                 And yes, that is the top of a Dragon at the bottom of the picture!

We have another on another wall that Silvercrafter & her husband put together for us between our Wedding & the evening reception! Its gorgeous, and I will show you that another week. Happy WOYWW to all, have a glorious week.


15 thoughts on “WOYWW #105

  1. beautiful pictures, that is a lot of books, Thank you for sharing your workspace, Happy WOYWW 105, #22 (please do check out my blog candy for charity)

  2. Hiya Shaz,
    Glad to see you logged on now. I tried to look earlier with no luck – guess blogger is still playing up a bit. Ambrose looks so comfortable, lying there in the sun. Our birds have to take their chances with the dogs, who think birds should not be on the ground at any time, not mention trying to eat the fat blocks and the nuts. I might need to chat to Doug sometime about reinstalling Firefox. All my pictures appear on my craft computer upstairs, but not on this one, so that does indicate a failure on this machine. No rush though. Just relax and enjoy the sunshine between the showers.

  3. Y'know,I think I've seen some of those wedding pictures before! (maybe you shared them on a forum!) Love your dragons, they are quite prefect!

    a very happy woyww

  4. What a great post …I love to learn more about the bloggers I visit. Very impressive herbs …love the smell of lemon balm …my fav is Oregano …I have 3 types in pots. Wow that is an amazing clematis btw.
    When I saw all your books it made me a little sad as my late hubby adored books and had thousands all over the place …from paperbacks to specialist books. Sadly I got rid of most of them as I am not a great reader …except cookery ones and some history and was moving. All his books on music … from life stories to quite technical ones…I donated to a school ..most of the rest went to charity.
    Love Ambrose …has he any white on him …aparently most black do …our Pheobe is the closest of ours to pure black …3 white hairs under her chin.

  5. Gorgeous picture of Ambrose. What a great name.
    My Wimpy is a black and white persian and his coat is looking decidedly brown at the moment from too much sunbathing.Absolutely loving the colour of your double clematis. Hugs Mrs A. #101

  6. Gorgeous garden there Shaz! just adore the clematis such brilliant blue only God would dare to use such vibrant shades on very delicate flowers, truly awesome! and yes Ambrose has the superior cat look and so agree with books, have heaps here – lovely other things you share too God bless,
    Shaz. in Oz.x

  7. Oh ROFL – I am SO going to have to post a pic of my books and dragons – I could easily have been looking at my own bookshelves. Even down to the authors – Robin Hobb, Tad Williams, Frank Herbert, Katherine Kerr et al. Hehehehe.

    The double Clematis is just gorgeous by the way!

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