WOYWW #100

Not a new card,more of a follow up from our Wedding Invitations three or four posts down, but I have been having a tidy up and came across this Thank You card.  I made this for our work colleagues, for the wedding gift they bought us,a digital photo frame.
I made the basic card up before the wedding, then chose a Wedding photo for the front when we came back from our honeymoon.I used a wide band of Burgundy ribbon across the front, which was the same as the ribbon we used on our car, then added two narrow black ribbons across it, which was the ribbon used in the invitations. I made a matt of  burgundy,black then burgundy card ready to place the photo on. I added the Thank You in a peeloff sentiment. Quick, easy & personal.

My now reasonably tidy desk looks like this:
The two plastic tubs are cutlery drainers- they hold scissors, rulers,mini misters,wire cutters stencil brushes,water brushes etc. There are gold,silver & copper Krylon pens on the desk and a roll of cotton string that I am going to try the do-it-yourself bakers twine with.( See the Post below).You can also see cocktail sticks, cotton buds and tubs of pens, pencils & paintbrushes. Trust me, this tidy will not last long, lol.

Last picture for today is not my desk, but my windowsill. There are a couple of  chunks of Amethyst and a Clear Quartz crystal, a snowy quartz rabbit on the right, a snowy Quartz wolf on the left, an Apache Tear penguin and an Obsidian dinosaur amongst others, most of which are presents from my Beloved Husband.
So off to The Stamping Ground I go, to see what everyone else has been posting. Happy WOYWW,


30 thoughts on “WOYWW #100

  1. How sweet and thoughtful that card is!
    My desk NEVER stays tidy unless I'm just not crafting (which is usually when the grandchildren come to stay)… though I must admit I love your desk messy – kind of place to have a good snoop through πŸ™‚ Those rocks are beautiful – I love moonstone and obsidian… but my favourite has to be amethyst… or maybe rose quartz… or maybe… all of them??!! *lol*

  2. Love the thank you card – great photo. I have a huge chunk of snowy quartz in my garden. There is a lot of it round here due to the local mining in by gone days – lead and barites.

  3. My tidy areas are diminishing due to the fact that my list of lost items is getting longer. I need to find the black hole in my room into which everything is vanishing. Our quartz is now out in the conservatory catching the sunshine. speak to you soon.

  4. Seeing your tidy desk you had better not see mine – it is a mess with a project in mid-flow at the moment! Love your card and your mineral pieces. I have a few but not as many as you!!

  5. I was impressed with your cutlery drainers you are using for storage on your desk. That's something I will have to remember. Your desk is very tidy this week. Thanks for stopping by my place earlier, too. Happy WOYWW (#6).

  6. Love your personalized thank you card – and your spot looks like a great space in which to great creative. Thanks for already visiting me!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Sheena B

  7. Fab card, your colour scheme was sheer genius-wanted black and purple for mine but the mothers weren't having any of it, ended up with a trad church do but insisted on wearing my black nail varnish and piercings-lead balloon time! AND lovin your workspace-I could spend hours there! Hahaha
    Have added you, so will be popping in for more noseys round πŸ™‚

  8. Wonderful photo.. not only a peek at your workspace and window (lovely by the way) but also at your wedding. Thanks for sharing it! Smiles ~ Brandi

  9. Love your desk – I could work here insofar as you have things arranged within reach. I like to do that too. It's great to grab what I need when I need it. Thanks for dodging over to Wild cards.
    Ros. (60)

  10. Well Shaz what lovely space you have there, love the views and gifts too..
    Have fun creating in it.. and thanks for popping over happy belated WOYWW100, will post fished work on Wed. but will be late not #1!
    Shaz in oz.x

  11. I'm counting on it not being too tidy by now Shaz – got locked out by blogger so am very late! LOVE your wedding photo card…and that you surround your space with gifts from your beloved..

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