Mixed Monochrome

Ok, I promise this is the last of the monochrome for now(maybe). I just wondered how it would come out if I mixed the two types of images. Better than I expected, to be truthful, lol.I matted the squares onto a black/gold coloured base, then this onto black,white and then black again. I used some of the PDA card in white with silver flecks, and some black & white yarn around the front. As I said in WOYWW, these aren’t true ‘inchies’, as they are closer to 1 1/2″, but I like the size- gives a good sized panel, in whichever format you lay them out.


2 thoughts on “Mixed Monochrome

  1. I guess you are having the week off, Shaz, it is so unusual for you to be online at this time of day. I really like this monochrome look, and there is a lot of work in this one. I am busy mounting all the bits I painted last week, and printing more ready for our next trip out in the van. Enjoy the sun, while we have it.

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