Mothers Day

I’ve been busy for the last couple of weeks, so this is my first post for two weeks, and I missed WOYWW last week too.Here are a couple of Mothers day cards, the first one is an adaptation of the Valentines card made a few weeks ago.

                                                   I knew this design was going to be useful!

The second card is made with an Elusive Images stamp, Daffodil Script.The image was stamped twice, the second image had the Daffodil coloured and cut out, then mounted with silicone glue over the first image.The Gold coloured Mothers Day vellum was printed on my pc, then sprinkled with Gold embossing powder and heat set.

Printing/embossing like this is do-able on your pc, it just takes some trial and error, as every printer is different
regarding how much ink it puts on the paper, and you need ink wet enough to take embossing powder, but not so wet as to go ‘spidery’.I found a reasonable quality vellum, and for my printer, using the photo quality setting for glossy photo paper worked best, but its best to try out just a line of text at a time, till you get it right.

These are a few of the different sheets I have printed & embossed.
 I have also printed some labels showing how to display Easel cards, which I can stick onto the reverse of the card.

One thought on “Mothers Day

  1. You are so right about needing to have several trial and error tests on computer printing and embossing. My new printer is not working on the setting the old one used, and the ink is drying too quickly. I am also trying out the silk card from Barbara Gray. The results are getting better, but I am still needing to go back in after heating to use the Versamark pen and extra powder to fill in the gaps. At least, that means I am not wasting the card.

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