Double the fun

These are some more images I stamped & coloured of the Morning Glory, but I wanted to create some different backgrounds from the alcohol inked ones. I decided it was time to play with some mica sprays I have to give me some pastel backgrounds.

At first the colours seemed a little too strong for what I  wanted, but how to tone them down?

Then I looked at the box of tissues by my workdesk.

So I dropped a tissue over the card, and lightly pressed it down. When lifted off, I was left with a lovely muted sheet of card, which still retained its mica sheen.

     I also got some interesting texture effects depending how much pressure was put on the tissue-

As usual, I got carried away with the technique…..

But, best of all, I had lots of lovely coloured tissues….which I also put aside to dry, and now I think these may come in very useful for working with the canvases! Oh, and the tissues also have a mica sheen to them!

Using my trusty stamp positioner to place my image to its best advantage….


13 thoughts on “Double the fun

  1. Beautiful cards! And I love how you've even kept the tissues – a true crafter never throws anything away lol!!That floral stamp really lends itself to pastel tones, but still without being too girly. And what a nice stash of backgrounds you have lol!Charli x

  2. You get carried away, Shaz! I would not have believed it of you. They are rather nice though, aren't they? I might try going back to mica backgrounds to see if that is any good for the kit I am trying to make up and get rid of. Anything for a little variation. It will have to be on darker backgrounds for those, though, I think.

  3. owoo these colours look amazing and what great fun, haven't like that since play school! I got the kids to blow through straws and made a lovely mess…I mean fabulous coloured page!! I have a little something on my blog for you! you'll find it here!((Lyn))

  4. WOW! What a gorgeous technique! The soft colors are beautiful and I love how you saved the tissues. I can't wait to see what you do with them. SO pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. So clever… thanks for sharing. Love this gentle pastel background. And those tissues look awesome as well. My daughter and I often play with tissue like that and then I finally use it on my cards… they are hard to stick though because of the layers. Thanks for your visit and lovely comments,Monica

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