This is a semi- finished project on my desk this week, using the Butterfly panel I have used before, but this time done entirely with Angelina fusible fibres. The panel was matted onto black card to give it a little stability. I also wanted to create a shoji screen type panel, and had had in my mind for a while now to do this with mulberry paper and heat embossing. I didn’t take into account the fibrous nature of the paper, which attracted, and held on to, all the embossing powder! So I had to resort to peel-off lines, as I wanted the shiny look of embossing. I then decided the panel looked too plain, so added some flowers in black peel-off in, and spreading over, some of the squares. To add colour I used ordinary pencil crayons, as anything wet, like Promarkers/inks etc, spreads in the fibres. I think I shall try this again, next time using giftwrap type tissue paper- I should be able to emboss that without difficulty.
The various textures give a lovely tactile element to this card.

I also made myself a handful of extra butterflys using the fusible fibres.

Last thing on my desk for this week is a few Inchie
squares, punched from spare pieces of the panel I used in the Birthday card below, covered in Anitas 3D Clear Gloss, with a few Accent beads scattered into the wet medium. I found using an old document pocket to work on made the squares easy to remove – the gel doesn’t stick to it.


40 thoughts on “WOYWW #91

  1. That is a lovely card, Shaz, and I do like those butterflies. You cannot have too many butterflies. By the way, thanks for the Christmas card. We must try to do better next year. I did not ask, but did ours get to you in the end. I think we leave the kids out of the loop next year.

  2. Ah Shazzzie, I just adore your work those butterflies are amazing and think the stickers on the mulberry paper looks really ridgy-didge, ie the real deal! well done for innovation, I love it never used the fusible thingy but sounds like I might need to look into it as results are amazing.thanks for sharing,Shaz in in Oz.x

  3. Wow, wow, wow – your creations are wonderful! I never have much sucess with fusible fibres, but that is a stunning piece you've made. I love the screen too – and the shiny inches! All fab.Sherry (118)

  4. What interesting techniques you focussed on . Am trying to be a bit more adventurous – just don't always feel my efforts are up to blogging!!Thanks for visiting me. xTricia (79)

  5. Beautiful card (here and below) and your inchies are sooo inspiring. I can hardly sit still…. wanting to go make some! Now see, you liked the patterned paper idea but you've inspired me to make that round file for the embossing folder samples. That's a great idea!Thanks for visiting…*smile*#101

  6. Never used fusible fibres before. But that card looks great, and the extra flutterbys too, Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog too

  7. Really? That's a WIP?? Both those panels are so amazing and the butter flies too, I made them bigger and just stared at them for ages, they're stunning! Love the shiny inchies too. Have a great weekend.HugsBrenda

  8. Wow! What beautful projects you are working on! I have some of the Angelina fibres but have not tried them yet! Yours are beautiful!Thanks for visiting me!xoxo Karen

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