Waste Nothing,or Serendipity in action!

Just to prove that there really is no such thing as scrap to a crafter. All of these images were stamped onto ‘waste’ paper that I was rolling off excess ink from my brayer onto.The purple one was a sheet I had started to make a background on, then didn’t like, hence the pale ‘moon’ , so I had put it in my scrap paper pile. When I bought this owl stamp (Crafty Individuals) ,and the treeline stamp, (Crafty Individuals) they seemed like the perfect partners to these.I probably couldn’t have made more perfect backgrounds for these stamps if I had been trying.Needless to say, I now look at my sheet I’m rolling off onto as a potential new background and change to a new one before I turn it muddy!


5 thoughts on “Waste Nothing,or Serendipity in action!

  1. Yes! I know just what you mean ….thank you for the kind comments left on my blog your work is great and just my kind of thing !! Have a look at my post inky Friday …..that is waste and I really enjoyed doing it ….. I will be back…. E xx

  2. These are great Shaz, just prfect for those stamps! I have made some of my favourite scrapbooking layouts using the "overspray" paper from Glimmer Misting! …..and the funny thing is a couple of them have been published. Just goes to show you shouldn't throw anything out!

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