Happy Birthday

3 strips of mulberry paper in brown shades torn to size(‘draw’ the lines with a wet paintbrush & pull the piece apart to give the feathery edge).Stuck to card base with DST. Piece of mesh adhered to this with spray adhesive. I put it on a piece of scrap paper in my waste bin to spray it. The vase shape was cut out of card and embossed with a wavy line from a stencil. Leaves and small flowers are both paper punched. I stuck two flowers together with PVA glue, twisting the top one so it filled the gaps of the lower one.I also put a dab of PVA in the centre of the flower and left it to dry for a couple of minutes before adding Glitter Glue to the centres.I tried putting just Glitter Glue on the paper, but it came off when it dried, but stayed put with the PVA.The wires were coiled around a pencil and stretched out a little for shape. I decided where the vase was going to be then put a large blob of silicone glue down and stuck the ends of the wire into that before putting the vase over the top. I also used blobs of silicone to hold the wires where I was going to put flowers.A small piece of mulberry paper adhered to a piece of handmade paper and the sentiment added.


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